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Impact of Running LDAP User Import on existing LDAP connection to Active Directory

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Hello Guys,

We're trying to setup another LDAP user import utility to our Active Directory OU 

Can both LDAP connection co-exist without the new OU connection over riding our Mail User connection ?

The new connection will be pointing to our Disabled Users OU. We need to raise Change Request, this is part of our impact assessment.

Anthony Balogun  

Technical consultant

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@IT Specialist,

You can have as many LDAP import configurations as you want.

You can run as many import utilities as you want and, more importantly, in whatever order you want.

IF you have two imports configured to populate the same field, and the imports are set up to Update or Both, then, after running both configurations, the data contained within that field will be populated with the data from the SECOND source (provided that source actually has data in it) - as that would have overwritten the data populated by the first source.

IF the second import is NOT configured to populate that field (i.e. it was left empty) then the field will contain the data put in their by the first source.

I hope this helps.

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