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Enhancement required? Wanting to enable Customers to select users from an Org group


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Summary: I seek a way to have a user-maintained list of people which can then be used by users for workflow operations.

Business case: We have a specific list of people in the business who can approve new Mobile Phones for users. This list needs to be manually curated by a PA in our business and then every user who wants a mobile has to have it approved by one of those people (they select).

Method I considered: I planned to create an Org Group of type General and then set-up a workflow that a Request can be used to add or remove users. In the PCF for that workflow I would enable the option to "only display Groups the user manages" so that PA can only see the people in the group they manage and thus ask for updates. Theoretically that sounds fine, right?

The Problem: In my Mobile Phone request flow, I need to present users with only a list of the people in one specific organisation group to choose from as their authoriser; i.e. the one maintained by the workflow above. But at present, the PCF does not allow me to configure this. I have a Group Picker option but that's no good as I want Users. I have an option to do dynamic radioset and then pick SQL query and some user types but what I seek here is an additional filter by Organisation Group:


Current workaround: Because I am stuck with the above, I have had to revert to a SimpleList of the 30 individuals which I need to maintain manually and which can be used in the user-facing dropdown and the Value of the email address against each row can be used in workflow to pick-up an authorising action.

Can anyone think of a way to do achieve my outcome of a user-maintained list of people which can then be used by users for workflow operations?

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