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New buttons have no formatting option.


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Hi @AndyHill,

In our last build we fixed an issue with colours in the Employee Portal where the values were not being used correctly in different areas.

This can be one case where you used some weird combination just to make it work. The buttons are using the Body Links Colour. Can you please make sure you have the correct value in either the Administration or you might have overwritten it in the actual widget?

Let me know the outcome.

Thank you,


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@Daniel Dekel the employee portal settings are
Which has the colours set. The widget was configured as
This made the whole button (text, border, background) appear white. Once i defined the link colour on the widget it worked but before that it should, i believe, have used the links colour from the employee portal.

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@Daniel Dekel, @AndyHill,


We have the exact same problem, it's not pulling the color specified in Settings into the Widget, but when I change the color on the actual widget it works.  Which means we'll have to amend each widget so that these new buttons appear.  Will this be fixed anytime soon?





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