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Unable to view timeline posts

Emily Patrick

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iPhone running iOS 15.0.2 and Hornbill app 2.5.13

When trying to look at timeline entries in the app of any job assigned to me, I get the below 404 Page Not Found error: 


Being able to see what is in the timeline helps our agents who are using the app away on their phones away from the desk with updates already in the job. 

I've not tested it on Android devices, so not sure if it's the same on Android or just on iOS.  


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Just heard back, my colleague can see the timeline information, but when he clicks 'back', it doesn't work! 

Sorry to have found another issue!


I can raise a ticket in the system for it, if it's easier.  He can at least see the notes and do his job easier from his phone, just an annoyance he found, but he can get around it by using the menu. 

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