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Trying to automate Hornbill User set-up; can I add Users to Teams?


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I have created a workflow to add Roles to Hornbill Users and that works.

I then tried to add the user to a Team but that is failing. Is it possible to add Users to Teams using workflow and if so how?

This is the PCF capture of the team using the lookup:


This is the workflow node that takes that PCF output and attempts to add the user. It fails on both Raw and Display values.


The node that posts the found teams to the Timeline and then the nodes that record the Outcome on the Timeline of the node above shows this:


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In fact, the functionality of adding Users to any of the Organisation Groups does not appear to be working for me.

I have this workflow:


The AddSubscriber Cloud Automation works to add the User to Active Directory in Azure.

My Add User to Subscriber Group is configured thus. The blacked bit is the Name of the Organisation but it happens to be an email address and I redact those:


The UserID variable above is the outcome of an Automation node to extract the UserID from the fully-resolved User Name: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["stringUtilsRegexSubstr"]["result"]] - this works in the Cloud node so I know this is successful at turning "FirstName Surname (firstnamesurname@ourdomain.gov.uk)" to "firstnamesurname@ourdomain.gov.uk".

The result is "Outcome of Add User to Subscriber Group: failed" from the Add to Timeline node.

The only issue I can perceive here is that when I select "Manual" for the Member Role, there is no lookup of available Member Roles so I needed to select Variable and enter "Member" which is the option I want. The workflow also fails if we leave this as 'Ignore'.

I suspect there is a defect somewhere here but for now this is out there in case I have made a config error.

Thanks in advance for help/advice/experience in adding Users to Organisations.


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16 hours ago, Steve Giller said:

Not a node I'm familiar with, but I'm fairly sure that Member Role should be a number.

In fact, Users are Core functionality.
If you set the Application to the correct value (Core) you will be able to use the dropdown.


@Steve Giller that was what I was missing. Core. It now works, thank you. So what is the functionality for that I was attempting to use? Presumably if that is not how to add users then the options should be removed?


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