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Portal button text and background the same


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Not sure where to post this one. The buttons on the live.hornbill.com portal for our users have gone white on white. Not sure when this happened. Could it have been in the UI work over the summer?!

Can anyone please point me in the right direction as to where to set the text for those buttons to black?


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@Steve G, The text on those buttons seems to be set to be the same colour as the background. I think you have a minor UI style sheet issue.

I altered the background to red and you can see the text in those buttons has also gone red:




I have worked-around this:

You have to set the Background colour to Black (say) and then go back and click No Background. The colour option is then obscured but the setting of black (which applies to the text even though it's a background option) remains.




I have done this for the My Requests area and All Services Widgets; all seem to be affected by this anomaly.


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