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Chat start after closing time?

Emily Patrick

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We've had a couple of users start chat after out chat support time has closed/ended for the day.  

Speaking with one user, they had Hornbill open for a few hours, forgot about it, then when they remembered, started the chat, but it was almost 1.5hours after Chat had closed for the day. 


Is anyone aware of any further/extra measures that can be put in place to try and stop this sort of thing from happening in the future? Can it be that when they click on the 'live' chat icon, it realises the time and comes back with an "opps, sorry, we're closed now!" type of message?


Many thanks

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for your post.

The first thing to look at is the Operational Calendar.  This related to the configurable Working Time Calendars which control the hours of operation for a number of areas. 



Working Time Calendars are configured in Admin, under System.


You can have a look at the Working Time Calendar to make sure the set hours match those that you want the Live Chat to be available for.

There is an associated message that is provided to the user when Live Chat is closed.  The default message just says Sorry, but Chat is closed right now. You can change this to match your needs.  This is done through the Translations option within the Live Chat page in Admin.  You will see in the example below that it has been translated to something more representative to the opening hours. 



Let us know if that helps or if you have any further questions.



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Thanks @James Ainsworth.  


I've made a change to our closed message advising when to try again, so can see if that helps.  

I already have our chat calendar dates/times in use, and have checked the times of this many many times!! :)


I'll keep an eye on how things go, but if anyone can think of any other way we can prevent chats from being initiated after the close time, due to someone having a connected session to Hornbill prior to the chat close time, that would be most appreciated. 

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