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Compatibility with software for people with visual impairment


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I have had a request from a colleague to help a user who cannot use either JAWs or NVDA screen reader applications with Hornbill.

Is this something you have come across previously?

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have suggested the dark reader extension for help with visual impairment but I believe this user to need the use of screen reader software.

Your help and suggestions are appreciated.




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The response I have had is that the user:

"has software (JAWs and NVDA) that works on other programmes where it reads the script/words to her. In Hornbill she finds that this programme doesn't recognise the radio buttons on the selection at the beginning of our requests and other sections through our request form. We have to radial buttons but it's not finding the code it's written in. It starts half way down the page."

Is there something specific I can ask them to help pinpoint what is happening here?

Thank you for your assistance

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Hi @AlexOnTheHill,

Thank you for your response. Can you please be a bit more specific about where the issue is? What is the "selection at the beginning of our requests" ? Is this the Progressive Capture? Is this the Request Details view? Employee Portal or Analyst? 
Perhaps a screenshot will help here.

Thank you,


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