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Enhancement: Create referential integrity on Catalog Item name in Log New Request Hornbill Automation node


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We have some workflows that log a new Service Request using a specific Catalog Item. I avoid it when I can; preferring to allow the default for the Service Portfolio item / Request Type combination. However, whenever I need to use the specific Cat Item I am nervous because the reference is based on a string match to a manual text entry. This not only means a tedious piece of cross-referencing and copy/paste to set up but also leaves us vulnerable to human error on configuration/change and the dreaded renaming of the Cat Item breaking the process.

When I look at the Service Manager>Email>Routing Rule Templates, I see that the Catalog Item field is coded to be a lookup derived from the Service Portfolio; which is great because we're not subject to the above issues.

My request is 'simply' that you please introduce the same 'lookup' feature for the specification of the Catalog Item in the Log New Service Request Task (and perhaps any others that do similar); and that it retains referential integrity should the Cat Item be renamed.



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