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Email Routing Rules; some with and without "Routing Rule Template" option and odd results (no-matching)


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I have had some strange behaviour in our Routing templates.

I created a new System Routing Rule:


And I matched it with this Service Manager Routing Rule:


I found it got triggered by OTHER (non-matching) subject strings.

This other System Routing Rule is the one that should generically log a new Incident if we receive an unsolicited email (I gather).


The above System routing Rule now seems to trigger the new Service Manager Routing Rule I put in place. In short, sending Incidents to my infrastructure team which don't match the "certificate" string.

I have two specific questions/issues:

1) The "Create Incident" Service Manager Routing Rule, seems to be incomplete so is it the case that the Product failed to process this and then automatically moved to the next Service manager Routing Rule in the list and matched anyway? It would be weird behaviour but it's one of only two ways I can explain why a 'random' inbound email that does not match my System Routing Rule string results in a send of the "certificate" email.


2) The other possibility is that I have noticed the new System Routing Rule does not have the "Routing Rule Template" field to complete. This means it is not passing through information about which of the Service Manager Routing Rules to use. Compare this 'old one' to create our generic Incident


With the new one I created with the "Routing Rule Template" field missing:


As if the above were not enough, I have just tried to create another new System Routing Rule and we have a third option in that space of "Reference".

In short, my System Routing Rules seem to have three variants!



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Just taking the first Routing Rule/Template combination, what subject triggered it, and do you have a screenshot of the corresponding Request?

Note: The second Routing Rule (third image) will never trigger in the posted form, as 1=0 will never be true, so the Create Incident" Service Manager Template will never be invoked, complete or otherwise.


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This is the new IN that was created:


This is the email received:


This is the list of System Email Routing and the string in the underlined one did not match:


And this is the list of the Service Manager Routing Rules and the one that fired is the new one at the end:


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