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Additional/optional fields in the PCF form fields section?

Paul Alexander

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Would it be possible to add a (possibly optional?!) column in the Form Fields section of the PCF designer?

I quite often have to look through the PCF's to see which custom fields are being used, and to do this I have to click through each separate question and open it up to see whether a custom field has been selected.

Part of our process is to create an excel sheet with each question and the used custom fields, but this is obviously separate to the actual PCF and has to be kept outside of Hornbill.

So, my idea is to have an option of adding the 'form field' to the list in the actual PCF. I realise that space might be tight, but I use a large external monitor, so for me it wouldn't really be too much of a problem! Having this addition would save me a lot of time, and would make creating reports a lot simpler I think. 




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+1 - Would be useful for us too.

In fact, I think it would be good if we could resize that side-window or if it could be a bit wider on higher resolution devices.

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2 hours ago, Paul Alexander said:

Would it also be possible to indicate a 'mandatory' field in the list of fields on a 'custom form details' area of the PCF designer please (either with an asterisk or a different colour maybe)?



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