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Data Exports Have Incorrect Timestamps


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A view of incidents in Service Manager correctly displays the times that tickets were raised, however when an export is taken of that view the time stamps are 1hr out. We believe it's a time zone issue, as this report was done when clocks went back, but the issue is that Hornbill is inconsistent with its time management, i.e. ticket logged time as viewed via Hornbill interface is different to the the ticket time that Hornbill exports to files. While it's ok now (because we have changed to GMT), the issue will happen again when we switch back to BST.

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All times are stored in the system as UTC (or Zulu - Zero Meridian) which as you point out happens to be the same as GMT when not adjusted for British Summer Time.

When displayed through the front end they are translated to the local time zone based on the user profile.

When you export it will be exported natively in UTC.



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