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The "me too" feature on problem


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Is there a chance that can be added to the incident side too?

When we have a major running where we have lost outlook or something similar we would like to be able to publish something on the portal where the users can create tickets if they are affected as well. This will give us a good count of those affected during that outage without putting pressure on the service desk team.


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@Smurfy, your words when you logged this thread made me wonder if this feature was already implemented. Has it?! You said, "Is there a chance that can be added to the incident side too"? I can only find one other reference, attached and theres not indication it's been released or even planned. This feature is needed more for Incident than Problem, I agree. We had our customer success call recently and this is one of the first enhancements we asked for a year ago in project phase: a simple way for users to see when a Major Incident is running and to be able to "click" to add their name to the list of affected users rather than have to log another ticket. 


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