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Schedule within Change Request - unable to change to another date

Emily Patrick

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Fairly recently a number of our users are not able to modify the schedule of their change request.  The Change Manager, myself, and a couple of others can change it, but not the person raising the change.  

A few of our users have been able to do it in the past, and the last known schedule change a user did was on 18th October 2021.  (They are currently not able to select the 'Schedule Change' blue button once making a change to date/time.  

I've checked the roles of myself (who can change them, but is Hornbill admin too and a member of CAB), a colleague (who is a member of CAB, but not Hornbill admin), and some other colleagues who raise and complete changes and are also members of CAB, but different areas within our department, and we all have the Change Management User role.  

If there a specific role that we need to give the others so they can change the schedule themselves, or is it something within the BPM that needs to be changed? (N.B. the BPM for our Norman Change hasn't been altered since August 2021).  Or is there a global setting somewhere that I've not found where this can be changed? 


Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. 

Many thanks

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for your post.  Is it possible to post a screen shot of the scheduling when someone is unable to make the change?  My suspicion is that there might be a lock on that action which is placed by a BPM Hornbill Automation.  The Full Access roles are able to over-ride this lock, but they can also do other things, so I wouldn't suggest handing that role out to everyone.  If it is a lock placed by the BPM, you will need to consider why it was first added and if it is not needed any longer, it might just be a matter of updating this in your BPM.  The documentation for the BPM Access Control can be found here.  Let me know if you think that the cause is something else.


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This is what a colleague sees when he tries to schedule the change: 


He can enter the dates, but he can't click the 'Schedule Change' button.  


I've been able to enter the dates and it the 'Schedule Change' button for him.  The Change roles he has is: CAB - <Team name>, Change Calendar Viewer, Change Management User


Thanks @James Ainsworth

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Hi Emily,

Because of the red Freeze Period button, I would assume that he is trying to set dates that include a freeze period.   Someone will have set a freeze period to prevent any changes from being raised.  

If you click on the Freeze Period button, it should show you a list of the dates when changes can't be raised.   More documentation on this can be found here.




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There are dates in, but they are not for "freeze periods" but more to show the level of change restriction we are currently in.  (Don't ask me why this has been done this way, but it has).  Change raisers can still raise changes during these periods.  

If this is what is likely to be stopping the change raisers/requesters from being able to change the date/time of their changes in the schedule, I will let our change manager know, so we can do a some testing.  


Thanks for the response James

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Hi James, 


The person who provided the screen shot has the following roles on his account: 

CAB - Team approver
Change Calendar Viewer
Change Management User

These are the change related ones, but below is an image of all his, which other change requesters also have: 



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