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Auto Tasks - Prompt Warning (potential enhancement)

Frank Reay

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Auto Tasks is a very useful tool but also very powerful.

Once the button is pressed then the task just runs without any further prompts (certainly we can't see any config option for this). We have entered a warning into the pop-up when a user hovers over the Task button but that is often ignored.

Can we have the option of a Warning Prompt (with some customised wording eg 'Are you really sure you want to do this?').

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@HGrigsby @Paul Alexander @Smurfy @Adrian Simpkins @Frank Reay 

The optional confirmation option will be included in the next update along with the ability to use AND / OR options in your custom button conditions and having the ability to include Session user / group / role in your conditions to control which users see and can use the custom buttons.  As mentioned by Trevor above, this update is due out shortly. 


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