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New Update: Hornbill Core UI (1536)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Hornbill Core UI (1536) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • Application Picker - Added option ''Get Support'' and updated some strings in that area.
  • On the editing custom buttons dialog if no label is supplied then display the tooltip
  • Added proper text wrapping to user profile card
  • Email View - When scrolling, the list was not showing the correct number of emails
  • List of applications isn't visible when triggered 2nd time
  • Spacing between form sections in Supplier Manager
  • Activities - BPM Task capture fields - All co-worker fields do not show suspended users and properly filter user types (user+basic/user/basic)
  • Progressive Capture - Switch between cloned flows was causing problems and open "random" nodes
  • Activities - Can't download attachments when activity is completed
  • Approval - Added word breaking in the details
  • Email View - Not possible to switch back to HTML Format after switching from Text Format
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