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Project Manager not using specified PCF or creating new projects

Dave Woodhead

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I am new to Project Manager (though familiar with the Hornbill platform and Service Manager,) and have been trying to create up a basic Project Manager setup to walk colleagues through the app features.

I have tried creating a simple PCF for creating a new Project, but despite amending the Setting app.com.hornbill.projectmanager.progressiveCapture.newProject to the name of my new PCF, Project Manager was giving an error message as the default "new project" PCF was still in draft.

Since publishing the "new project" PCF, Project Manager is invoking this for new projects, but whatever data I input it is not actually creating Project records. At the end of the PCF I simply see a Harry Hornbill graphic with "View" and "Close" buttons.

Apologies if I'm doing something wrong as a newcomer to Project Manager, but I'd welcome suggestions on what I might be doing wrong.

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@Dave Woodhead thanks for your post.

There is an outstanding issue that we are aware of which only allows a single progressive capture flow to be used in Project Manager and that is the one shipped by default; 'new project'. Please edit this flow only.

It sounds like it is failing to create the project at the end of the process. Please can you contact our support team so they can assist you with the issue.


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