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Question on Azure User Import string match for orgLookup on AD department

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This Wiki page (Azure User Import - Hornbill) states, "tries to identify if there is a Hornbill Group that exists with a name that matches the value of the field name".

Can you please confirm that the matching process is ambivalent as to what Group Type is matched so it could be Division, Department or General; as long as it is named to match AD?

Our use case is that we currently import users into one of 68 teams (already present as Group Type = Department) but we want to move 'up a level' to import users into one of 13 departments (already present as Group Type - Division). The intended path is simply to alter our AD department attribute to match the Name (i.e. not the Organisation ID) of the Divisions instead of Departments.

PS, you have a typo on the Wiki page with a broken link:


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