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Improvement to Custom Buttons - Additional Filters


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I have been asked if it would be possible to control who has the ability to see/use a custom button.

We have a custom button that performs additional actions when an incident becomes a major incident.

I have looked through the filters for the custom button and can see the below options may work for us:

Filter by owner - this works if I set it to a specific owner but doesn't support a list of owners, only one owner.

Filter by team - we can add a filter to say that calls can only be escalated to major incident if they are assigned to a specific team, for example we could set it so only calls in the Change and Problem Management queue can have the button.

Filter by external reference - if we said to add a key word to this field the Major Incident button could be triggered to only appear then.

None of these options seem particularly suitable, would it be possible to add the following:

Filter by user role - we could define a MI role which users can be added to allowing users with this role only to see the button.

Filter by user organisation - we could define an organisation for Major Incident Authorised Requestor and add specific managers to that organisation so only they could see the button.

Filter by multiple values - currently we can add only one value to a filter, adding multiple owners, for instance, sets an 'and' condition rather than 'or' and as a call can only have one owner the 'and' condition would not work. Could we either have brackets to allow for an 'or' condition or the ability to have multiple values within one filter? (perhaps we can already, I have been unable to get this to work). This would be useful for filtering by multiple owner names and multiple statuses (for example: to filter out resolved, closed or cancelled calls)

If there are any better suggestions for a solution here I would be very grateful for your advice.

Many thanks



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Hi @AlexOnTheHill

We are planning to expand the show button if.. feature in the custom buttons to add the option to show buttons based on the users role or group and to make the building of more complex expressions using AND and OR possible.  This is currently in the pipeline for development so should be available in the near future


Trevor H 

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