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Login Screen - Splash Image Anchoring / Login Panel Transparency


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I have attempted to customise the login screen on hornbill to bring the login in line with our corporate branding.

When uploading an image with the ratio suggested from the Wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Login_Screen the image does not scale correctly on the screen, either the top and bottom or the left and right are cropped. I understand this happens because not all screens have the same ratio/resolution.

The behaviour of the scaling seems to indicate that the image is anchored to the centre of the page (leading to clipping to the top and bottom or left and right when scaled). Would it be possible to add an option that either allows you to anchor to the top right hand corner (leading to clipping of the left and bottom when scaled) or bottom right hand corner (leading to clipping of the left and top when scaled).

This would help organisations align text within an image without the risk of losing it off the top, bottom or right hand side. The current scaling behaviour means you have to make the text central to prevent it being clipped.

I have also been asked if it would also be possible to make the right hand panel transparent with only the central logo, text and buttons non-transparent, feedback from adding an image is that the right hand looks quite stark against the login image, users have said they would prefer the login image be visible through the right hand column with only the login box being solid.

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