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Email failures - is there a better way of tracking these?

Paul Alexander

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We're still having intermittent problems with sending some emails with attachments, with SOME emails failing to send with a 'Unable to open cafs file.' error message.

Although there is a 'known error' which covers why this happens (KE00169136 ), could you let me know if there's a way of checking whether an email which is sent from a ticket fails to send please?

At the moment, the only way I can see of checking this is by going in to the Mailbox sent items and checking the status. There is NO indication on the request that the email has failed to send, and with 28 mailbox in our Hornbill instance this is a big problem.

Also, is there any news on when KE00169136 will be addressed and fixed please? 


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Hi @Victor

Thanks for that...could a better way of indicating (or notifying us) that an email has failed be developed please? Or is there a report which we could use so that we know what's what? 

Unfortunately this does seem to be happening fairly frequently, and getting people to check in the mailbox every time they send an email isn't really an option!! :D


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Could there be a better filter added to the mailbox where we can order the emails by status AND date?

At the moment I can filter by either, but our 'sent items' folder is telling me that we have 913 failed emails going back to 2018. I'd like to be able to reverse the date filter on these so that I can have the most recent failed emails at the top. 

OR could any failed emails be moved to a different folder somehow? 



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