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Error in change process - Cannot acquire assignees array for dynamic approval


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I made a change to our change process to add a task to email a team if there was a Yes to a question in the progressive capture.

After putting in the new node I started to get an error just before the peer reviewers are selected


There was another report of this issue from a couple of years ago but that was fixed by an update and related to permissions and roles but I have full rights and still get the error.

After the error I am stuck, it hasn't assigned the peer reviewers and I can't progress without it

Can anyone help? 




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@HGrigsby hmm... odd... well... according to the documentation you must have the list of authorisers, before the auto assign...

"The Auto Assign Authorisation BPM Node must follow the Wait for List of Request Authorisors BPM Node, either immediately after or later on in the workflow at the point when you want the authorisations to be sent out."


EDIT: unless I am reading the docs wrong, meaning that the order only matters when both nodes are used in a workflow... well, I would say raise a support request so we can investigate this...

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