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Unexpected email desktop notifications

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

for the last 40 minutes or so I have started receiving Windows desktop notifications on every email action in the mailboxes/requests? As an example I have a request where the customer has responded, and the system has auto attached it to the request as expected, but I got a desktop notification for this? I am not a member of the team working the request, and i have not been added as a Member to view the request, but I got a notification when the email was attached to the request?

Is anyone else seeing this?

NB I have turned off the notifications in my profile and this seems to stop the spam, however once turned back on it starts again?

No one else in my teams is seeing this issue, just appears to be me?

Many thanks

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Hi Steve,

it appears to be notifications on all sorts of email activity in requests - i have a constant stream of notifications relating to all sorts of emails. I have turned off email notifications in my Profile but these notifications are still appearing in my Desktop pop up window). The below screen shot shows the desktop notifications - just to confirm I am seeing no notifications against these in Service Manager itself:


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Hi All

I am seeing this issue again today - currently getting random notifications for emails hitting the inbox, along with request notifications that I have no involvement in. I have restarted the laptop but I am still getting spammed with notifications that I would not normally see? screen shot below shows the desktop notifications, and I have checked the top request and I have no involvement / not a member / nothing in BPM. Any ideas?



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