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My Requests Widget Button Font - Button Font

Chris Rabbatts

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Apologies if this has been asked before but is it possible to change either the button colour in any of the widgets or the text just for the buttons?

As it stands we have a teal background with white text set, this works fine through out the portal until we take a look at the buttons located along the top of the my requests widget. From testing it appears the the text colour is set by changing the text colour within the employee portal settings and if we amend this it applies to all text on the page. 

I've attached a screen shot in case that makes it easier to explain.


My Requests.png

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Hello @Chris Rabbatts,

Can you please confirm that the colour of this widget was changed within the Employee Portal designer and not as part of the global style (in the Administration) ?
If that's the case, I have found an issue and will be fixed as part of the next Core-UI build.

To clarify, you can't change the Buttons colours. The style is taken from some other information like background colour and links colour.



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