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Email Routing Rules - Multiple "To" Addresses, Doesn't Raise Ticket


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Hi all, 

We have come across an odd issue which only seems to have started occurring in the last few weeks. We have a routing rule in place that raises an incident/kicks off our BPM workflow when someone on our internal domain emails our helpdesk email address. 

The issue we have is that if a user includes another email in the "To" field then the routing rule doesn't appear to kick in. Has anyone had this/have any advice? 







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@Jack_Podmore Just to explain this;

The "TO" address is a list of email addresses separated by semicolons or commas (I forget which off the top of my head!)

So "person.one@domain.com" does not equal "person.one@domain.com; person.two@domain.com; person.three@domain.com" but it is contained in the list.

You need the open-ended comparison ('%' at either end) as the list might be "person.two@domain.com; person.one@domain.com; person.three@domain.com" etc.

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