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Process not coming off hold


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We have a process that we thought worked but it appears that the timers are not expiring, we have a node (see below) that places the call on hold for a year but it hasn't come off hold.


These are the details of the request showing when it was logged:


Is there something that has not worked or we have done wrong as we used the spreadsheet calculator that was provided by Hornbill to work out the hours etc.

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Hi Jeremy,

I've not personally seen this spreadsheet calculator.  

Using an online date calculator I did get a total of 307 work days between 13-Aug-2020 and today.  (https://www.timeanddate.com/date/workdays.html)


2737 hours based on 8 hour days is 342 days.  Which is still 35 days to go from 307.   I'd need to know if you have longer days or include weekends in your WTC calendar and also additional holidays above the standard bank holidays to get a more accurate calculation.

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