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Use asset and site details from progressive capture in email template

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Once I’ve captured an asset and site details via progressive capture, is it possible to then use those details in an email template from the request?  I’d hoped I could map them to custom fields in the custom form step of the capture, but I can’t see that it’s possible.

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@LouiseT this should be possible:

Site - In your progressive capture, if you are using the default site form, then the site will be added to the request automatically and this variable is available to use in the email template variable picker.

If you are using a custom form in progressive capture and a custom question, if you name that custom field h_Site this will map the answer to the site field on the request and again will be available to use in the email template variable picker



The same applies for assets, if you are using the default asset form, then the selected assets will automatically added to the request.  In order to use these in the email template, you can use the business process engine to put the asset values into a custom field, which will be available in the variable picker in the email templates.

Use the Get Assets option


Follow this with an Update Request > Custom Fields and use the variable picker to inject the output param - assets into your chosen custom field.

If you are not using the default asset form in progressive capture, but instead a custom form and a custom field which is using the asset picker, again you can simply set the field id to be a custom field like the sites example above (eg h_custom_a)



Finally ensure you use a get request details node in your business process before using a node to send an email using an email template, this will ensure that you have loaded all the latest values from the request (site, assets) and that there updated values are available to be injected into the email template


Hope that helps

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@LouiseT no problem.

It's not currently possible to get the site's address or postcode to pass into an email template as a variable.

We do have a Get Site information option in the business process but unfortunately the output params don't include the address or postcode, if they did we could achieve this.  I've asked the development team to consider adding these two attributes of the site to this node, or directly to the variable picker in the email template, we'll reply once there is an update.



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