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Can't click the 'quick access' icon more than once?

Paul Alexander

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In Service Manager, if I want to open up an admin session, I click the shortcut at the top left hand corner and then select admin:



This works fine....BUT, if I click this shortcut again I don't get a drop down menu, unless I refresh the page.





Is this a 'chrome thing' or is it something that can be fixed by Hornbill please?





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I've noticed this some days ago. We are using Chrome as well. It doesn't show the drop down menu but, if you mouse-over the drop down menu that was supposed to be shown, the mouse pointer behaves as if the drop down menu was there.

It seems to work fine in Mozilla Firefox.


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This was also spotted internally, it appears that the menu is there, but not visible - if you move the mouse to where the required menu item should be you will see the mouse pointer change and can even click the invisible option.

This has been fixed and is working its way through testing before release.

In the meantime the workaround is, as you've noticed, to refresh the page; or, if you're confident, just to click where your menu item should be ...

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