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Error when my guests log a new Request in Customer portal


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My field services lead has showed me this error that appears immediately when a Guest account attempts to log a new Request in the Customer portal:


I think this may be caused by the Customer Search in our standard PCF which is not playing well with Guest Accounts.

Note that the user can proceed to log the Request and it does capture them as the customer and workflow otherwise works ok.


This PCF was set-up by our consultant in the project so I'm not very familiar with it.

I was not able to find detail to help me decide what to do on the Wiki: Progressive Capture Designer - Hornbill.

My instinct is that I may need to have a branch at the start to detect if it's a Guest and if so to use a Contact Search instead of Customer Search before going back to the Details Custom Form. Can anyone please guide me here so I can make the right development?



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