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How to Archive users off of Hornibill

IT Specialist

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Hello Guys,

We are been faced with some of our end users who would call us in order to have their user account activated but without validating a ‘Disabled Status’ or ‘Archived Status’ on their accounts instead Hornbill reporting ‘Active User state’, this is causing some a hidden administrative overhead.

Could you please point us in the right direction on where we can have a ‘feature Enabled’ or ‘tweaked’ in order to make the users in hornbill ‘Not Available’

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Hi IT Specialist,

 thanks for your post.

Hornbill User accounts are archived by setting the user "Status" to a value of "Archived". User accounts with a status of "Archived" will not shown in any user search or other user-related lists or menus.

Changing the status of an individual user account

The status of a Hornbill user account can be changed via Hornbill Administration > System > Users & Guest Access > Users. Find the account in question and click to view the details. The status field can be found in the location shown: 


The desired value can be selected from the drop down menu.

Using an LDAP Import Configuration to update the status of a Hornbill User Account

If you are importing and managing your Hornbill User Accounts based on the contents of your active directory, its possible to update the Hornbill User Account status via an LDAP import configuration. It will be necessary to create a new LDAP Import configuration specifically for this purpose. This is done in Hornbill Administration > System > Data > Data Import Configurations

The documentation relating to LDAP import configurations can be found here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=LDAP_User_Import

The key information which should be considered is:

  • It will be necessary to define a DSN and LDAP filter query to identify the user objects which must have their corresponding Hornbill user account status set to "Archived".
  • In the User Options tab, the "Status" should be enabled ("Update Only" is typical but this will depend on what other LDAP imports are operating). The value should be set to "Archived". All other User Options can be set to "No Action".

I'd suggest taking time to digest the LDAP Import wiki page, particularly the "Testing Overview" section.

Should you prefer, if your organisation has a Success Plan you may have available credits which you could could draw upon and have one-to-one guidance from a Product Specialist. Alternatively, Hornbill Expert Services could also be procured.

I hope that helps,


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Hello Dan,

Thank you for your active interest in trying to resolve this issue for us.

 Further clarification on what we're trying to achieve

 1) We need an Automated way of 'Archiving Users' off of Hornbill along with the LDAP synchronisation as there are multiple users who are classed as Leavers on our 'Active Directory=AD' under the Disabled OU. This is especially useful when a user is 'Marked as Disabled' in AD, we need that Status of user referenced on Hornbill database.

2) To clear out back log of 'Unarchived Users' currently in Hornbill Database.

 Thank you for your patience on these questions, this will reduce administrative overheads as we have over 8000 Active Users on our Foundation Trust' here at Royalsurrey County hospital.


Anthony Balogun

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  • 3 weeks later...

My apologies for the late response.

In order to import a newly create LDAP connection to the 'Disabled OU' we need to find out the impact of running the Hornbill utility on the current LDAP connection to our Active Directory.

 1) How would this utility affect the current connect to our Live LDAP connection as we do not want the live connection to LDAP to be affected

2) If we were to run backup recovery to a previous state of our Hornbill configuration settings how can we proceed to ensure we backup the configuration settings.

3) How do we generate apikey

4) Would the new LDAP connection to 'Disabled OU' run in addition to running the current live connection for hornbill users


Any help you can renther will serve us a great dividend in resolving our issues 



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