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Azure user import is overwriting user's 'Roles'

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Good afternoon. We've recently switched from the Azure User Import 2.2.1 to 2.8.1. This includes using the new conf.json file. Having input the relevant information (APIKey, InstanceId, Tenant, ClientID, ClientSecret), and a UserFilter of (userType eq 'Member'), we ran the executable and it successfully imported new employees. However, an undesired side effect was that it stripped the roles of some admins. It's worth noting that the admins affected are the ones who have started after the initial implementation in 2019. Something I noticed is that the old conf.json file had:

        "Basic User Role",
	"Self Service User"

Whereas the new one only includes "Basic User Role". Could it simply be a case of adding "Self Service User" to the conf.json file?

We have had to disable the scheduled task which runs the executable because every time it runs, we have to manually add the roles in Hornbill Administration such as the below: image.png.2d7ce205a4c48825a1ae3ba3cd0eb812.png


Another less pressing issue that has arisen comes from this line:

"Image": {
			"Action": "Both",
			"UploadType": "uri",
			"InsecureSkipVerify": false,
			"ImageType": "png",
			"ImageSize": "504",
			"URI": "https://wiki.hornbill.com/skins/common/images/HBLOGO.png"

This overwrites profile images with the Hornbill logo where previously the default would be the user's initial. Is there any way to default back to that?


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