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Report on Team Assignment

Emily Patrick

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I'm looking at creating a report which shows jobs assigned to a 2nd or 3rd line team within a specific timescale.  


I've got the criteria for the types of jobs (Incident and Request) and the team to look at, along with the date criteria through using the date/time criteria when running the report.  

The item I'm struggling with is finding the field to use to be able to find when the job was assigned from 1st line to 2nd line.  

Below is what I have already in terms of the criteria for the report: 



In essence, I want to see the jobs that have been assigned to the above team (or any team that I chose) from last week (when entering the dates myself).  I'm not worried when the jobs were opened, just when they are moved to another team.  


Many thanks

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Hi @Emily Patrick

The assignment between teams is not actually stored against the request. The information is stored in a separate table, called h_itsm_request_team_assignment so in order to report on this, we have to do a join. It's a little more complicated than the standard reports so I have attached an example for you which I think should work. 

This also uses prompts - so it will ask the person running it to select the assignment start/end dates between which they would like the results to be returned. Also I have done the same for the teams themselves so you can pick the team it was sent from and the team it was sent to. 

To upload this, go to Admin --> Applications --> Service Manager --> Reports and create a NEW report. Then click the green button in the top right hand corner and upload the attached file. 

Hope this helps



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