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CI Description - can we switch it on/off or change how it looks?

Paul Alexander

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In catalogues on the Employee Portal, the description now pops up (when did this happen?!?!?) which I think is a great idea, but we'd like to switch it off for now and make sure that all of our descriptions make sense!! Is this possible please?

Also, is there a way of changing the font style settings for these items please? Or will that need to be done in the each catalogue item? 





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Hi @Paul Alexander,

It was introduced in our last build (1514) a month ago. The reason was because we were not showing the description before because if it was too long it was showing it all and that looked very bad. Now we show a "more..." option. 

There is no option to customize or to hide the description unless you remove it from the actual service request itself.

Remember this is the same description shown in the list of service requests in the service view. In that other view (Service) the description would be cropped if there isn't enough space as here but shown in a tooltip when hovering over it.



) on the 

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