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SSO Page and SSO Profile Approach

Andy Gilbert

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As a follow onto this an apologies to hijack this forum thread, but it is related to the above to a large degree.

Is there a way of reordering our SSO profiles from the dropdown list?

Our main SSO profile is not first alphabetically, and we believe to allow the majority of our users select the correct profile quicker we would like to reorder, at the moment this seems to default to an alphabetical order which isn't the most appropriate for us.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Many Thanks


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@Adam Toms I understand that you opted to have your contacts authenticate in Hornbill using SSO. That's fine(ish) when contacts are authenticated against a single IdP but imo, not that fine and I would say unadvisable if the list is ...well, not one basically :)

If you don't mind explaining, why exactly you opted for this approach?

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