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"The node has a missing or bad connector"


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Hiya, I'm absolutely stumped with this one.......

I'm working on a software request process and continually come up against a "the node  has a bad or missing exit connector" but just can't see what's wrong.

I have a "Software requried" form (probably should fix that typo but wanted to get this post up) which has a static radioset on whether any additional software is required when then branches where if the response is Yes then it goes to the next custom form requesting more detail on additional software or if the answer is no, goes on to another question about systems.

I've tried deleting the connectors and readding, deleting the nodes and recreating them etc but the error persists!

Any help/suggestons would be most appreciated!



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Hi Rob,

I may need to see the entire Progressive Capture to understand what's happening.  The only way that I can get this message about the exit connector is by not having an Exit node somewhere in the Progressive Capture.  What happens if you add an End node immediately from the Customized Form?

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