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Custom Domain Functionality

Andy Gilbert

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We are keen to use a custom domain for our Hornbill implementation. I have had a read of https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Custom_Domain_using_Reverse_Proxy

A couple of the other ITSM Tools i have used have a platform capability for custom domain rather than a need to implement infrastructure at our end.

Is this something the Hornbill team would consider??



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@Andy Gilbert

I wanted to expand a little on @Victor comment "and there are no plans to introduce this at this time", that is not strictly true, or at least to say, we are intending to implement custom domains at some point, but not across the board.  The obvious place this needs to be done is the "Customer Portal", where a company is supporting other companies they want to use their own domain, and that is certainly on the agenda.  However, vanity domains on the rest of our application stack is more challenging, mainly because of the way we distribute our application through a CDN provider (CloudFlare in our case) and all of the complications that go with hosting SSL certificates etc... So our current strategy is, we are not considering vanity domain names on our service in the general sense, but we do have this on our roadmap for the Customer Manager portal specifically. 

Can I ask what your use case is? why you need a custom domain and what part(s) of our application stack you would see this being needed?




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