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Capturing Feedback via Employee Portal


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As well as capturing feedback at requests closure, we want to capture feedback from our employees on their user experience of the employee portal in general and any suggestions for improvement they may have.  Is there a way of having a simple 'give us your feedback' widget on the portal to capture such feedback so that it stands on it's own, away from the other catalog items?          

Has anyone done anything similar? 

Thanks, Sam

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I'm not sure about a widget, I'm sure someone else can comment on that, but you could have a separate "Feedback" Service where the Progressive Capture asks the questions you need and the "Request" can be used to notify whoever looks after the feedback, confirms to the Customer it's been received, and closes itself down.
That way if you want feedback on different areas you can add a separate CI for each one, and make them visible to relevant groups if required.


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We have feedback form in the Employee Portal and we direct people there to fill in the form, the resulting request then auto closes and places data into custom fields so that we can report on certain things specifically then we use the questions section of the database to report on more extensively.

We have a mixture of separate services for feedback if it's generic and some is relating to teams/services that have their own Service so we place the feedback into there as a CI.

We have played around with the inbuilt feedback within Service Manager but this does not give us the level of flexibility of questions and reporting that we need.

I hope that this helps in someway....... happy to talk to people about it if they wanted.

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