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Character Limitations on iBridge Fields

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Hi @aykut.boyraz,

First: Which iBridge operation are you talking about?

Second: Any limitations are more than likely imposed by the RECEIVING end.

Third: what limitations are you specifically talking about? Amount of characters? Character CodePages?

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Hi @SamS,

1. "ServiceNow/Customer Service Management/Cases/Create" is the method being used.

2. Fair; but wouldn't the fields within Hornbill have a limit as to how much data it can hold? 

3. Character limitation as in, the number of characters it can hold. Ie looking through your Wiki, i can see that the custom fields are limited to 255 characters. I wanted to know if there was a similar limit for the 'Short Description' and 'Clause'.

Happy to discuss on a call if you prefer.


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Hi @aykut.boyraz,

Whatever you fill in in those fields (whether hard-coded or a variable name) will be stored together with full iBridge operation in a large text field - which is quite large (but I wouldn't think War and Peace would fit, though).

So, hard-coded text will take up more space than a variable.

WHEN the iBridge node is PROCESSED - i.e. when data is handed over to SN over the iBridge, and the variable is translated to actual text, then that part does not have any limits on it (as far as I can tell - again, it would be the receiving end which would instill the limit).

So, if you fill in a Short Description of "Shall I compare... to thee" or have that information come in via a variable, then all of that will be sent to SN - which in turn might reject/truncate it.

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Hi @aykut.boyraz,

From what I can make out, the full BP definition(*) can be up to 4GB.

(*) that is all the node configurations and links between them. The hard-coded/variabled text will be part of the node-definition.

My previous estimate was (wildly) off - War and Peace will likely fit, as that only comes in at about 3Mb.

I would advise against storing text of the W&P length, though - the text box to modify the text in is not made for easy management of such large texts.

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