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Best way to hide a Custom Button once used?

Sam P

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Is the best way to remove/hide a custom button once its been pressed to have the Autotask also set a Custom Field and then use that in the button criteria?  Or is there a better way?   

When a button could be used for any request in the system this almost renders the Custom Field useless for anything else (have I understood Custom Fields properly? (still a newbie))


If you can share any suggestions on how to ensure a button can only be used once, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

(example, send only one Slack message for an MI, or send task to Jira board only once)

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Hi @Sam P

The way you have posted is exatcly the way that we would advise based on the current functionality of Custom Buttons/Auto Tasks, so hopefully that is working for you. I'm not aware of another way of achieving a "one press only" approach at present (things such as the autotask integration failing, or another exception where you actually need to press it more than once would need to be considered) - but I will feedback to development. 

Kind Regards


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I have adopted a similar approach. The button only appears when there is a specific value in a custom field for a given Request Type. I have workflow that sets the value to "Offline" at a set stage of the process. My custom button only shows when that is the case. The Autotask of that Custom button sets the value to "CAB". Then, when the workflow gets to another point it looks to see if "CAB" is in that custom field; if so it diverts. If any other value (including Offline) is in the custom it proceeds as normal. This gives the effect that the button only shows for a brief period but it it is used in that period it disappears as soon as it is used. This enables our Change Manager to send a CR to CAB during it's offline approvals even if a previous decision was made that it doesn't need CAB.

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