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Limit data picker in new starter BPM


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Afternoon all,

Just wondered if it's possible to limit the dates available for selection on our New Starter BPM?

The pandemic has brought a wonderful set of new 'features' of the onboarding process, so we've opted to onboard all our new starters on a Monday morning, which means we have a structured schedule for getting IT equipment delivered and security briefings arranged in a more timely manner.  It also means we're not onboarding people all week, taking time away from the Service Desk.

So my query is, can I limit the dates in the new starter BPM for just Mondays?

Many Thanks as always

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Hi Ann,

Thanks for your post.  Is this the Progressive Capture where you would like someone to select a Monday that they want their new starter to start?  If that is the case then I believe that you should be able to create a Working Time Calendar that only has Monday's selected.  I've not tested to confirm, but let me know if it is a progressive capture custom form where you are looking for this to be done, and I'll have a closer look.


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