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How can I send last update/activity to Jira?

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Hello, am just starting out with integrations and have now set up Jira, I can now create a Jira task using an Autotask & Custom Button combo.

I wondered if/how I can subsequently send the last ticket/timeline update to that Jira task using Atlassian/Jira Cloud/Comment Issue?  What would I need to reference in the Comment field to achieve this?  I have a "Get Request Information" node in front of the Cloud Automation node but I don't think this is right.

Thanks in advance.

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@Sam P did you ever work out if this is possible? Since the Get Details does not contain the Last Update, I can't think how this could be done. I will looking into this idea when I wanted to have the system "read" Updates from the Customer to see if they used certain words like "escalate" or "complain" and then use that to divert BPM workflow. But the expressions cannot see inside Updates...

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