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Hornbill Integration with Good Forms

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Hi @Nsherman,

This is already possible if you're subscribed to Microsoft Forms Pro & Power Automate with premium connectors. The ability to populate form variables via URL parameters is a Forms Pro feature, and not available in the standard Forms, hence the Forms Pro subscription being required.

I've found this video on YouTube which takes you though how to pass variables into Forms Pro forms via the URL parameters - this is how you would pass the request reference through, so that you can use it in the Power Automate API call back into Hornbill.

And there's this forum comment that describes how to make API calls back into Hornbil via Power Automate (which used to be called Flow - but the nodes are the same :)):


The APIs you may need in Hornbill are as follows:

I hope this helps,


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@Steve G

Would it be possible to use the HornBill – Microsoft 365 integration via Power Automate to create a ticket and attach a file instead? - Example for clarification – User fills out a standard Microsoft Form which goes through a Power Automate Flow to create a formatted Word document.  Said document is just added as an attachment to a new Hornbill Ticket rather than pulling specific portions of the Form into the ticket via HornBill API.

In essence, what I am asking is whether there is a more simplistic method of integrating HornBill with Microsoft 365 utilizing our existing available tools?
If this is not a possibility, can we setup a time to go over what the exact requirements would be and the methodology?  That way we can always put in a request with leadership to purchase the required tools with a brief estimated cost-benefit analysis.

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