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Line Breaks missing from Catalog Item description

Sam P

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Seems like I have lost some formatting the in the Catalog Item description display within Services...I was using a line break to display the Target Resolution on a separate line, but its now wrapped in with the rest of the description (have tried updating the Item again this morning to check).

Is this intentional?  Does anyone know if/how I can reinstate them the line break?

Before and after shown below (left screenshot taken approx one month ago)

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Sam P,

This is intentional. The description displayed in the list of the Catalog Item is a minimized short description. The fully formatted description is displayed when you click on the item itself. The reason for that is because the description can include WiKi text and that can include many line breaks, big and small fonts and images. All that is converted to text to allow showing the most in such small space in the list (only two lines).

Hope it makes sense,



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