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User Feedback - Automatic Email Reminder to users?

Mark (ESC)

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Our users tend to not close any calls, our current percentage is only 4% of calls are closed by the user and feedback given. :(

Total: 302 Requests | 1 new | 40 open | 52 on-hold | 209 resolved

Once resolved users get an email, and the call is automatically closed after 5 days.

Is there a way to "automate" an email reminder after 3 days to remind the user to close the call and give feedback.

Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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Hi Mark, 

We have built in a process on the majority of our BPMs where once it moves to closed status, we send an initial email asking for feedback, then after 5 days if no feeedback received we then send a chaser - bpm is as below. Happy to talk through the configuration if required, although I can see you want to send a chaser for closure / feedback so I would presume you could insert this process prior to closure.

Many thanks



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Hi Mark,

Sure no problem - the first thing I would highlight though is I believe feedback only becomes 'enabled' on a request once it moves to a closed status, so until your request moves to a closed status no feedback is possible - this is the reason for the feedback nodes on our BPM being post closure.

We have a Get request details node at the start of our closure tab, and from this we can ascertain if feedback has been received / not yet received / rejected - I can see you have a Get Request node just before closure so this should then give you the decision logic shown below for confirming if feedback has been received:


Feedback received decision logic:


Feedback rejected logic:


For No feedback yet received we use the No Match option, then after another 5 days we just check if feedback has been received, then just close the request if none received after 10 days.

If needed happy to do a meeting over Teams to show you it working on a test request


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