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New Update: Hornbill Core UI (1514)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Hornbill Core UI (1514) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • Added ability to rearrange custom buttons using drag and drop
  • Emails View - Improved Style and User Experience
  • Mailboxes View - Added keyboard support using Tab to navigate through messages
  • Cache translations strings in browser to improve load times
  • Employee Portal - Raise New Request - Added description if defined
  • Contacts and Orgs List - Updated style when no results found
  • Employee Portal - Service View - Service Request list now shows the description as tooltip if is too long
  • Post page doesn't display properly when timesheet manager RHS widget is open
  • Formatting/Line breaks are not respected on external authorisation emails
  • Performance improvement when changing workspace filters on workspace list page
  • When mentioning people in private workspaces, only allow members who belong to that workspace to be mentioned
  • Employe Portal - Service View - Throwing error if unable to load data like FAQs or Known Issues
  • Employee Portal - Services Widget - When Service Request list was shown and text was too long the layout did not look good
  • Employee Portal - Post Widget - Issue with layout when media object is displayed
  • Employee Portal - Links Widget - No margins between links if is the only widget in the page ( https://community.hornbill.com/topic/21126-preview-ui/?do=findComment&comment=101458 )
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