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New Update: Hornbill Admin Tool (1433)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Hornbill Admin Tool (1433) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • System - Users & Accounts - Sites: Upload Sites - added ability to specify site manager, engineer, regional manager and area manager as part of site import.
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Asset Import Job: We enabled the feature to import ITOM Inventory to Asset Manager, now you can create an Asset Import Job through the Job Queue or Job Schedule view
  • ITOM - Job Queue - New Discovery Job: Now the default protocol is 'Auto'
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Job Info: Now you can easily go to the bpm/runbook that triggered the job from the job info view by clicking on the link on 'BPM Trigger'
  • ITOM - Packages - Text Editor: Now you can choose the end of line (LS-CR/LS) for the file
  • System - Users & Accounts - Sites: Added site manager, engineer, regional manager and area manager fields to site record view.
  • Apps - Workflow: BPM and PCF active state list box filter changed to support user setting so will be remembered when refreshing browser.
  • Prompt users with old SSO metadata configuration to update
  • ITOM - Job Creation: Now when creating/scheduling a job we display only the paired sis servers, and we show the status (online/offline)
  • App - Advanced Analytics - Measures: Added ability to suspended/pause a measure(s) data sampling cycle.
  • system - user & guest access - users: on delete, suspen or archive on "admin" user double confirm action.
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Job Info: We added a button to hide/show unused params for package jobs to make them easier to read
  • ITOM - Packages - Package Creator: Remove Vendor ID since was a redundant field
  • System - User & Guest Access - Users: User manager search box excluding other userid's that contains same value as current userid.
  • Apps - Workflow - BPM - Executed Processes: When cancelling live process from info dialog prompt for confirmation.
  • Workflow - bpm/pcf publishing forms: If userid is long the edit/notes/view version buttons on forms are pushed off to the side and cannot be used
  • ITOM - Job Scheduling: When scheduling a job in the past, error message was only showing date and not time
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Job Info - Asset Import: Now when loading an Asset Import Job we format the import options values with a comprehensive value.
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Job Creation - Asset Import: No cant add more config lines until completing previous ones
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Job Creation - Asset Import: Now Name marked as mandatory
  • ITOM - Job Creation - Asset Import: Now we wilter the assets for the relevant ones
  • ITOM - Asset Import - Job Creation: Fix a bug allowing to create jobs without config
  • ITOM - Job Creation - Input Parameters: Long names where being cut
  • ITOM - SIS Integrations - Re Create: Fixed a bug preventing to recreate an expired sis integration
  • General: Navigation breadcrumb sometimes does not resolve application name after refresh.
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Job Info: Fixes an issue not showing the sis target when a group was selected, now we show the name of the group and the actual sis used
  • ITOM - Inventory Viewer: Fixed some wrong icons
  • ITOM - Site Integration Services: Fixed an issue with the service build popup saying build out of date when it wasn't
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Job Info: We've removed the output params from a parent job info view since these are specific for child/single jobs
  • ITOM - Runbooks - IT Automation Node: Now waiting for completion defaults to true
  • Reporting: Fixed an issue creating a bad api request
  • ITOM - Runbooks - IT Automation node: Fixed a bug when changing sis targets was blanking the device target. Plus now target machine is mandatory
  • ITOM - Runbooks - IT Automation node: Fixed a bug when setting boolean parameters was failing and True value was coming instead
  • ITOM - Packages - Package Creator: Now you can open files without extension in the built-in editor
  • ITOM - Packages - Package Creator: Now you can create files without extension (*nix mostly)
  • ITOM - Packages - Package Creator - Operations: Now you can select a cmd file from a Windows Batch Script operation type
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Job Creation: Fixed a bug when switching sis targets was blanking the inventory target
  • ITOM - Job Queue: The target column was ordering incorrectly
  • ITOM - Job Queue: Awol status was showing the wrong colour
  • ITOM - Job Schedule: Fixed an issue showing next date '1970-01-01' for completed jobs
  • system - User & Guess Access - Users: User account api key expiry date not being set correctly.
  • System - Email - Shared Mailboxes: fix issue with inbound mail service popup decoding password
  • reporting - reports - editor: report schedule status timer still runs after leaving report editor.
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