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Leaver process and assets......


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Afternoon, I'd be very interested to hear how other organisations have set up their leaver processes in Hornbill and what sort of integration they've implemented with asset management. I've inherited a Hornbill instance with very little handover or documentation from the previous owner (it was their baby......) and, well, the existing processes are ok but things have changed a lot since implementation.

Following an issue with a leaver and a Hornbill license not being revoked (bit of a perfect mess - analyst didn't check Hornbill for a license with the leave request as currently a manual task, it was the first leaver for a new manager and I was on leave so was unaware of it all) I was wondering if it was possible to set up software licenses as assets and allocate to individual users (seems reasonable enough so far from my messing around - although would each license have to be set up individually e.g. as we have 65ish Hornbill licenses would we have to 65 individual licenses or one Hornbill asset with 65 licenses - I suspect that it's the former) and then when we have a leaver request a business process updates the request with any licenses assigned?

If possible then I'd start with Hornbill (or possibly our call centre software as the call centre tends to have more joiners and leavers) as a proof of concept and then look to extend it to other software licenses and hardware (I suspect there's been some politics about adding hardware to Hornbill in the past which has limited what we can do in this area with Hornbill).


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Hi @RobW

thanks for posting.

Hornbill Business Process features user-related operations, on of which can Archive a Hornbill user account. An archived user doesn't consume a subscription so in essence setting a Hornbill user account to a state of "Archived" will release the Hornbill Subscription automatically.

The operation I'm talking about can be found in a typical Hornbill Automation node as follows:


The "User ID" would be the Hornbill User ID of the leaver and could be fed from a variable. The exact variable will depend on where the leaver information is stored against the request or if it was captured in a progressive capture form when logging the leaver request.

This is one operation that I've previously advised and worked with customers to implement. With the Hornbill ITOM module it's also possible to manage AD user objects and AD groups through the Windows Account Management Packages available with Hornbill ITOM https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=ITOM_Package_Library

I hope the Archive Hornbill User account operation can offer some value but there's definitely opportunity for further automation in a leaver process.


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