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Data Import Configurations - Stopped Running

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Have noticed that our LDAP User Import which creates new Hornbill User Accounts and update existing ones has decided to stop on the 9th September. :(

What basic steps do I need to follow to resolve this issue.


Thanks as always.

All sensitive data has been blanked out with the awful snipping tool chisel pen :) 

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@Mark (ESC) check the machine that you use to run that import. Perhaps a scheduled task that completed (e.g. was only set to run until 9th)? Given there is no record that the import was even attempted after 9th suggests that the machine responsible for running the import tool, for that specific config, never did...

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1 minute ago, Mark (ESC) said:

Actually looks as though the LDAP User Import is still running from the 9th September at 20:00, as it is not showing a completed time

I would be surprised if is still running :) ... What I think it happened (most likely) is that the import started on the 9th at 8 PM the it ended (most likely ungracefully) but Hornbill never received a notification that it was completed (with success or failure/error). So that is what Hornbill admin tool is showing. I would say to check the machine that runs the import and see if there is still an active process for this or what is the status with the import tool there...

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