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Struggling with Library's and linking


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Hi All
In the action bar on a ticket I can link a document in a library. It links and shows on the analyst view.
On the users portal view in the time line it just says 
Document Linked: 
Recovery of Files

But nothing to click on. Am I missing something?

  • My library is shared with docmanager portal and basic user.
  • All users have document manager portal
  • The document has been published

Perhaps I am expecting something that shouldn't be there?

All help would be gratefully received.

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In the Employee Portal, only the timeline entries with the visibility of "Customer" are shown when viewing a request. Could you please ensure that the setting "guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility.linkDocument" is set to team - this will ensure that new documents that are linked with a request are set with a visibility of "team" and hence will not be present to the customer viewing their request in the Employee Portal.

The application can be configured in the Admin Tool, please refer to the link below (replace [InstanceId] with your instance):


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