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Send an email instead of logging an incident

Steve 3T

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We have setup catalog items for a number of new services. One catalog item is to suggest improvements to the related service.

Rather than logging an incident, we would like the progressive capture response to be emailed out to our projects team. Our projects team do not use Service Manager/Hornbill.

I can't seem to see a way to do this in the progressive capture, but can once an incident has been logged.

Is this possible to do?

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Hi James,

Thanks for the response.

So perhaps the way around this would be to create a new BPM which would open an incident, send an email to our projects team, and then resolve the incident automatically? The end user wouldn't need to be informed that the incident was created and closed an no reference would need to be provided. Maybe just an email to say thanks for their feedback.


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Hi Steve,

That would definitely be a solution.  The benefit of your suggestion above is that you maintain a record of the number of times that the suggestions have been submitted.  Without some sort of record, you wouldn't know if anyone is using it.  As you suggest, you can immediately close the request so that the user that submitted the suggestions doesn't have any further interactions.  Users can see their closed incidents, so you could also remove the customer or even cancel the incident. The BPM is very powerful and once the request is raised, you can use the automation to get the request into the exact state that you want.   For reporting purposes you may also want to use Service Requests rather than incidents.  Incidents tend to suggest something is broken, whereas Service Requests are more aligned with this type of information.  

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